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Monday, May 26, 2014

LG G3: Detailed specification list. 2450 x 1440 Quad HD display coming!

The LG G3 will be released tomorrow in an event by LG. The G3 will be the answer of LG to all the smartphones released this year like the HTC one M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 and maybe even to the ‘Flagship KillerOnePlus One.

As per the teaser the LG G3 will feature a brushed metal back.

You can find the comparison of the flagships here
Read the OnePlus One review here
 LG has teased us with 3 videos specifying the important details that the G3 will feature.

Check out the videos here

So what can we round up from these videos?

  • This is going to be a 5.5’ screen smartphone up from the 5.2’ screen on the G2.
  • Expansion by MicroSD card upto 2TB!!!
  • An all metal design (brushed metal back like the HTC one M8)
  • It is going to feature the LG knock code now found on almost new LG devices.
  • The camera will be better. We all know how the G2 had a better camera than others in the competition. 
  • The phone is going to have very small bezel as was seen in the G2 which saw the smallest bezels and the biggest screen to total size ratio.
  • The phone is going to be powerful (well the reason it is a flagship) 
  • Maybe just maybe it will feature a Quad HD screen!
  • And a proprietary LG QuickCirle case as seem in the video
Here is spec sheet leaked on the UK website 

UK company leaked specs of the upcoming LG G3

What we are not going to find on the G3?

  • A Snapdragon 805/810 SOC.

So where is the Omph?

Well the main oomph factor that LG plans in the unveiling of the G3 is the time when the product will be launched for customers to buy. Unlike Samsung and HTC the product is going to be ‘expected’ to be available on all major carriers and as well as unlocked the next day itself! Now that’s fantastic judging from the way people have to be harassed for the OnePlus One and wait till a future release date in the case of the GS5.

As far as rumors are concerned LG will be the manufacturer of the next Nexus phone (if there is one) So the G3 will not only be a release of one phone but we can get a view and probably a prediction by the analyst about the likely feature and build of the next Nexus!

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