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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

App: The BoyFriend Log

We had heard about keep a track of how your day went at work, or if we go to the golden days we can hear of things like a ‘Personal Diary’ where we keep track of everything that happens in our life every single day.

But today life isn’t the same as before and people are not bothered about office boss as much as they are about their love partner. Fights, quarrels, bad mouthing happens almost everyday in a person’s love life. So how to keep track of how your day went in terms of Love?

Enter The BoyFriend Log – currently available on the AppStore for iOS users, this app lets you keep a track of your everyday love life. The app allows you to write a note each day and mark your entire calendar with moods which range from Happy to Terrible (Green to Red signifying the worsening situation of your love life)
The video posted by the company shows how a girl keeps track of her love affair and finds that her love life went from Green to Blue to Red when she eventually had to leave the guy.

Productive app? A very questionable thing. This app is like your personal diary but it lets you keep a track of your love life only. Many might be against this especially your love. Although the app is protected by a PIN and you have to enter it each time you open the app, if your partner decodes the PIN and takes a look into your little ‘Diary of love’ you might not have a relation to keep track off anymore.

You can download the app here. Visit the official App site here.

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