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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Things you should know about the next iPhone!

           A lot of hype has been surrounding Apple as usual as we head towards a new iPhone avatar in the near future. Leaks, rumors and concepts of the next iPhone are all over the internet. Of course nothing is certain until it’s certain but this is the rumor round up for the iPhone 6!

There’s more than one iPhone coming!

IF rumors are to be believed, the next product launch by the Cupertino Company will feature 2 versions of the iPhone 6! No it won’t be a successor to the iPhone 5C (at least we can hope so) but as the leaks go the new iPhone will come in 2 different screen sizes – a 4.7’ and a 5.5’ phablet. The screen according to a Chinese Forum will be bezel free! Now that’s interesting.

rumored to be bezel free!
Also Apple’s Sapphire display production leaks point that the new iPhone can feature an all new display technology which is rumored to be shatter proof unlike the Corning Gorilla Glass current used by many smartphone makers.
Rumor has it that the 4.7’ iPhone will be released earlier than expected at the WWDC which is just a month away while the 5.5’ avatar will be delayed due to issues in screen and batter production.

The new iPhone will be super slick!Yes Apple is 
rumored to bring a phone that is as slim as its iPod Touch. Here’s a video from Unbox Therapy showcasing how slim the new iPhone can be. 

The phone may have curved edges giving it a more ergonomically designed look. As per UkraniPhone render leaks, the iPhone will be only 6mm thin!

The Camera of the iPhone will be awesome!

Apple’s move to hire Ari Partinen, the Nokia engineer behind the Lumia cameras can be seen as a move to develop great camera techniques for the iPhone. Recent patent filings by Apple suggest a new stabilization mode which will increase the pixel size of the 8MP shooter found on the iPhone. There is rumor for a Super- Resolution mode being made available in the next iPhone camera.

rumored iPhone front panel

The screen is curved?

Well as per Sonny Dickson it so is. His tweet shows the front of the next iPhone dummy which clearly shows a subtle curve in its appearance. Is it going to be really curved? I doubt that, but with Apple nothing can be said.

iOS 8!

Well this isn’t a rumor. As we have come to know of Apple and its methodology of updating its OS every year without fail has lead us to conclude that the new iPhone will be running the latest iOS, named iOS 8.
Of dubious Weibo origins  has posted a screenshot of the next iOS and it seems that Apple is working on making its mobile operating system customized for bigger screens. Packed with tighter rows and columns of apps, this rumors adds well to the larger iPhone rumor.

9to5 Mac  has created a schematic of a new app that Apple will showcase and push as the future of its innovation – The HealthBook. This app is a fitness app which is expected to run along with the Smart Watch that Apple is rumored to be releasing following shortly the iPhone 6 release. So this means that the iPhone will be compatible with the iWatch (Smart watch by Apple)


Well this might be the ugly part of the wonderful rumors about Apple’s next product. Apple is reportedly trying to increase the price of its iPhone and is in talks with carriers regarding the same.

So will Apple succeed in wooing customers even after the price rise? Well only time can tell. Till then leave us a comment below and let us know what are your thoughts on the next iPhone!

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