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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Review: HTC one Mini 2 - the smaller avatar of the 'One M8'

From the time the HTC one M8 was launched there were rumors of the next avatar of the HTC mini on the charts. So how does the HTC one Mini 2 stack up let us find out!

1.       NAME

Yes this phone is called the HTC one Mini 2! That’s a mouthful (from now I’ll refer to it as the Mini 2) The Mini 2 might be the weirdest name in the phone market today but it has much better stuff under the hood.

2.       DESIGN

The Mini 2 takes its design philosophy from its big brother. With a brushed aluminum back the Mini 2 looks gorgeous like the HTC one M8. Although the phone uses 40% less aluminum than its elder brother. The Mini 2 also features a plastic rim around taking cues from the original Mini. What differs visually from the M8 is the lack of a duo camera. The Mini 2 features a more traditional 13MP shooter on its back with LED flash.

On the front side we find the proprietary BoomSound speakers with a 5MP wide angle front facing camera. The button layout is same as the M8 but is much more accessible on the Mini 2 due its smaller size. The power button housed at the top of the phone can be reached by one hand.


The Mini 2 is called so because it has been shrunk not only in size but also in the specs department from the M8.

Under the hood we find the Snapdragon 400 quad core processor clocked in at 1.2GHz backed by the Adreno 305 GPU. The phone is quite lacking in terms of raw power and we would’ve loved if it featured the Snapdragon 600. The phone has 1 GB of RAM providing the required space to run its fluidic Sense 6 custom UI.

The Mini 2 features a more traditional 13MP shooter on the back without all the gimmicks of the duo camera as seen in the M8. I prefer the shooter on the Mini 2 over the Ultra Pixel of the M8. On the front you find the 5 MP shooter similar to the one you find on the M8.

The biggest change that makes the Mini 2 a ‘mini’ smartphone is its smaller screen. It features a 720*1280 pixels display making it a 326 PPI screen, which is quite good for average usage unless you are a pixel fanatic. At 4.5’ this phone is quite small when compared to the M8 but it might get a few of you out there excited. The smaller dimensions make handling the phone a breeze.

The Mini 2 doesn’t feature the full load of sensors as its sibling does but then most of them hardly found any utilization. The BoobmSound speakers as we have come to know delivers a rich and powerful sound when on loud speakers trumping most of the smartphones in the market today. The inclusion of the MicroSD card slot is a welcome change, allowing users to expand the inbuilt 16GB storage to 128GB! The phone features a 2110mAh battery that should get you through the day considering the fact the phone features a smaller 720p display.

4.       SOFTWARE

What makes a phone fun to use is the software it runs. In this department the Mini 2 isn’t lacking features from the Sense 6 UI. The phone runs Android Kitkat 4.4.2 with a custom Sense 6 skin over it. As we know the Sense is the next best skin on Android after the stock Android experience and it runs smoothly on the Mini 2. No stutter or lag is found on the Mini 2.

Compromise is made in the camera department where we see that the software doesn’t include all the modes and gimmicks found on the M8. But that shouldn’t be a drawback big enough to not consider this phone. On the phone the phone houses a great software even in an underpowered phone.

5.       VERDICT

The Mini 2 is a commendable phone but for many it might seem underpowered and rightly so it is. The Moto G offering by Motorola gives you almost the same specs at less than $200. Yes you would compromise on the metal chassis or the 13MP camera, but definitely considering that the Mini 2 will be priced over $350 in the US and €400 in Europe it certainly doesn’t make it a bang for the buck.

But well for the star struck the Mini 2 might be well a phone for their choice!

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