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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Moto G v/s Moto E: How much of a sacrifice is the Moto E?

Well if you find yourself in the letter dilemma that Motorola uses to name its phones you might well be looking for a budget smartphone. Motorola had done an amazing job with the Moto G bringing in a smartphone at $179 and giving it great specs and a beautiful build. A few days back as rumored Motorola launched an even cheaper mobile named the Moto E at $129. But how much do you lose for that $50 less price tag, let’s find out.

War of the budget phones

1.       DISPLAY

The Moto E sports a 4.3’ qHD display at 256 PPI whereas the Moto G features a 4.5’ 720p display at 329PPI. Pixel fanatics won’t like either of the phones due to their low pixel density but very honestly you can see the difference between these two phones even with the naked eye. Moto E’s display is a big letdown. We can clearly see the pixels if we look closely at the Moto E and that makes reading on this phone a not-so-pleasurable experience. HD movies look washed out and don’t depict the details and the punchy colors like seen on the Moto G.

Here’s a pic where you can clearly see the pixelated view of the Moto E.

Pixelated view on the Moto E

Other than that, switch the screen off and you can see the touch matrix clearly on the phone. That shows how Motorola has cut costs and it isn’t really a good way to do it.
Winner: MOTO G

2.       CAMERA

Yes neither of them are brilliant shooters like the flagships but come on we are looking at budget smartphones here. Both feature a 5MP rear shooter but the difference lies in the fact that the Moto G features a LED flash which makes taking photos in the dark a little less painful. To keep budget tight the Moto E doesn’t feature the LED flash but has almost the same optics. The camera applications is basically the same no frills and gimmicks plain UI which does a decent job in allowing you to shoot good pictures.
Camera with and without flash 
The major drawback of the camera in the Moto E is the lack of Auto-Focus. The camera is always focused at the center of the screen and that is a really sad feature.

Moving on to the front you will be not finding a front facing camera on the Moto E. So all the selfie fanatics this device will let you down!
Winner: MOTO G

3.       STORAGE

This is one place where the Moto E has done a great job by including an option to increase your phones storage by 32GB using MicroSD card slot. The feature missing on the Moto G. The Moto E comes with a 4GB built in storage while the Moto G comes with 8/16GB. Now a fact to notice is that with the Moto E you will eventually be forced to buy a MicroSD card which will increase the amount of money you spend on this phone.
Winner: Tie
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While both run on Android Kitkat 4.4.2 with a guaranteed update at least to the next iteration of Android, the way they run the same software is quite different.

The Moto E features an older and slower Snapdragon 200 dual core processor clocked in at 1.2GHz. This makes playing games and multi-tasking on the phone quite cumbersome and you will notice significant lag over time.

The Moto G on the other hand features a much newer Snapdragon 400 quad core processor clocked at 1.2Ghz making it perform task much smoother than the Moto E. If you plan to play games or make use of the features that Android has to offer, the Moto G makes total sense. But if you just want a phone which will be used for texting and calling the Moto E has the necessary power to perform that.
Winner: Moto G

5.       VERDICT

Although the difference is of $50 the spec sheet and the overall performance is way more than what $50 can give. Although the Moto E is a brilliantly designed phone it isn’t really priced that low for the sacrifices it makes. The Moto G trumps the Moto E in almost every aspect of comparison and by a good margin.

You can read about the Moto E specifications and details here.

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