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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Leaked Samsung Galaxy S5 Active: Might feature a Quad HD screen and more!

So we now almost know about what to expect out of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (Well not highly, but anyway).

Recently a video was posted by TK Tech News  which has unveiled almost all the unique features that are about to come to the GS5 Active. Here is the video which leaked on the internet (it might be taken down soon)

The GS5 Active features an AMOLED display against the LCD panel as featured on the GS4 Active. Now here’s what can make the GS5 Active really interesting, in the video you can see that the person is really betting that the Active has a sharper and a crisper display than the GS5. So are we looking at a more than 1080p display here? Well it isn't confirmed but buzz around Samsung does say that they are experimenting on 2K or more resolution screens! It can be a pleasant surprise to see a more than 1080p display on the GS5 Active.

The phone looks bigger because of its rubber padded sides for bump protection. The dimensions of the phone are similar to the GS5 but seem to be a slight bigger owing to a bigger bezel and the side protection. The phone houses physical buttons on the front which are different from the ones commonly seen on other Samsung phones and the sides of the phone are covered in metal (Finally!) It certainly will come with the protection to the elements with an IP certification and more.

Lately the phone has been spotted on the GFX Benchmark. The software of the Active will house more apps for an Active life like a barometer, compass and a flashlight in case you are lost in darkness while you trek your way through a jungle!
The camera might be featuring an OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) but cannot be confirmed as of now. You can watch the video to judge for yourself.

So what do you think? Is the Galaxy S5 Active really worth it? Or is it that Samsung is doing too many product release in a very short span leaving its customers confused? 

Keep us posted with your views in the comments below!

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